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ArCADiasoft Chudzik sp. j. is the biggest Polish manufacturer of software for building engineering. The flagship of the Company’s offer is the object-oriented ArCADia BIM system. It is a user-friendly, BIM software with well-designed tools for comprehensive calculation with graphics support of a complete built environment design process.

ArCADia BIM has 'Built-in 3D Collision' detection tools and 'Drawing Comparison' tools allowing ArCADia BIM users to detect and manage all changes made to the 3D BIM model and all revisions to the drawing files seamlessly. 

Today, ArCADia BIM has more than twenty BIM industry-specific modules. These include BIM installation solutions for architectural, reinforced concrete, steelworks, structural timber works, water installation, sewage piping and plumbing, heating system, ventilation system, air-conditioning system, electrical wiring, distribution board, lightings, lightning arrester system, gas installation, telecommunication, fire fighting system, landscape and garden, geographic information system, digital survey, et cetera. 

The ArCADia BIM software enables building architects and engineers to complete comprehensive BIM design processes. The software enables full cooperation between the various industries and the exchange of information and projects within and outside the system.

ArCADia applications support IFC file system, which allows the user to collaborate with other programs such as Allplan, Archicad, or Revit.

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