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​At CAED, we aim ourselves to provide a comprehensive solution in Building Information Management and Modeling (BIMM) by creating a shared network environment to link all players from the field of Policy, the Process and the Technology. It is possible by enabling and empowering all players with the latest and most practical BIMM software and online application for accelerating the next revolution in our construction industry- the Construction Industry 4.0.


CAED mission is to collaborate with local and global BIM communities for standardization in BIMM processes- made possible through CAED Online services, the


CAED Online services offer

  1. Online BIM Webinar

  2. Online BIM skill training using Remote Access Technology

  3. The CAED BIMM Training Material Repository (for BIMM Trainers)

  4. The registration portal for CAED BIM Library system for Building Product Manufacturers

  5. CAED BIM Library system, a material and product specification tools for BIM software.

  6. Online Sales of BIM Software- The ArCADia BIM system.

  7. Online BIM Management Platform – The Plannerly

  8. Online BIM News page, sharing the latest BIM news from the State, national and global BIM communities.


For BIM Education and BIM Skill Training of Sarawak BIM industry, CAED is proudly collaborating with University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS), the state university by conducting the Advanced Skill Training in Building Information Management and Modelling Technology Programme- “The ABT Programme”. The programme aims to accelerate the use of BIM in the construction industry.

The ABT Programme provides the collaboration platform for BIM software trainers, industry professionals, skill trainers and academicians to work closely as BIM specialist team- ensuring a practical and sustainable BIM implementation for Sarawak.


“Unity is strength…when there are teamwork and collaboration,

wonderful things can be achieved.” – Mattie Stepanek