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The breakthrough version of the CAD software for creating 2D/3D technical documentation in the DWG format.

What’s new in INTERsoft-INTELLICAD 2021?

  • New version of dynamic coordinate input and a setup window for dynamic input.

  • Contextual help when hovering the mouse over a tool.

  • Viewport scale list and viewport synchronization.

  • Editing tool palettes, creating block palettes and a new block editor.

  • Dedicated virtual printer for pdf files.

  • Recurring selection and deleting duplicates (overkill).

  • New grips for some entities and group editing with grips.

  • New visual styles.

  • Import and export of files in the .stl format.

  • Import of files in the .obj format.

  • Modified view manager.

  • Ability to clear text formatting.

  • Setting the drawing background.

  • Export a sheet from paper space to model space.

  • Insertion of roofs and AEC beams.

  • Migrate the interface settings file.

  • Import and export of system variable settings from the System Variable Manager level.

  • ODA SDK version 2020 Update 2.

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