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The EuroSteel module is intended for the design and verification of planar and spatial steel bar structures.

The EuroSteel module is intended for the design and verification of planar and spatial steel bar structures according to PN-EN 1993-1-1 Eurocode 3 in the ArCADia-RAMA program, in a complex state of stress, omitting the effect of the torsional moment on the load capacity of the bar. 


The currently introduced standard PN-EN 1993-1-1 Eurocode 3 significantly changes the procedure for the design and verification of basic steel single-branch elements. The changes cover virtually all aspects of steel structure design. The EuroSteel module checks the limit state of load-bearing capacity and use (displacement and relative deflection) of elements.


The program is made in the form of an integrated installation, built into the program for structural analysis ArCADia-RAMA.


Advanced features of the EuroSteel module:

Available steel profile types:


  • rolled I-sections,
  • half rolled I-section,
  • rolled T-sections,
  • rolled channel sections,
  • equal-leg and unequal-leg rolled section,
  • rolled rectangular pipes, square and round,
  • any welded monosymmetric I-bars,
  • any welded monosymmetrical T-bars,
  • welded box sections (monosymmetrical),
  • cold-formed rectangular, square and round pipes.


  • The user can create any definition of design and verification type (buckling coefficients, dislocation parameters, allowable deflection and other necessary data), which can then be used in any project.
  • Possibility to design and verify individual bars, a group of collinear and close to collinear bars (with an angle change below 5 degrees).


  • The envelopes of internal forces are automatically checked at all characteristic points of the designed and verified element.
  • The user can additionally  design and verify at any indicated point of the element, for all envelopes, or for one selected envelope, group or sum of groups.
  • The design and verification report in the form of manual calculations containing all intermediate results, made in RTF (MS Word) format.



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