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ArCADia-EuroSteel BUILT UP

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The EuroSteel BUILT-UP  module is used to design and verify bars and complex elements, near and far-branching uniform built-up compression members, according to PN-EN 1993-1-1 Eurocode 3 norm, in a complex state of tension.

The following types of complex bars are designed and verified in the EuroSteel BUILT-UP module:


Near-branch complex bars:

a) two-branch with lacing 2 channel section, 2 angle section, 2 angles askew section, 2 angles transversely

b) four-branch with lacing  4 angle section.


Complex far-branching bars:

a) two-branch with grating and lacing 2 channel section, 2 I-section.

b) four-branch grated 2 equal-sided angle section.


The program is made in the form of an integrated installation built into the ArCADia-RAMA structural analysis program. 


ArCADia-EuroSteel BUILT-UP

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