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Object drawing, rapid creation of architectural documentation.

The module allows for object insertion of reinforced concrete elements that are parameterized in the Lisp script, as well as generating views and cross-sections automatically.

The reinforcement of the element can be modified, and the element itself can be additionally reinforced by inserting free-shape rebars. The reinforcement steel lists can be generated automatically. Besides using LISP scripts attached to the program, the user can also create or customize scripts of reinforced concrete components.


This module expands the capabilities of the ArCADia BIM program with advanced functions, which means that part of the building modelling options are available in the ArCADia BIM program:






Advanced features of the ArCADia-REINFORCED CONCRETE COMPONENT module:

  • Built-in a ready-to-use reinforced concrete components library.
  • Possibility to define components easily by using views, cross-sections, steel lists, and details of bars.
  • Possibility to create reinforced concrete element scripts by writing the script in the Lisp source code language available in ArCADia system functions.
  • Real-time preview of a three-dimensional reinforced concrete component model in the 3D View.
  • Inserting views and cross-sections based on the generated three-dimensional model.
  • Possibility to add, edit and remove reinforcement.
  • Inserting any reinforcing bar on views and cross-sections.
  • Automatic consideration of bending radius of reinforcing bars.
  • Automatic updating of the steel list data.



  • A single-span beam, a two-span beam, a multi-span beam, a binding joist.
  • One-flight slab stairs, one-flight slab stairs with footing.
  • A slab retaining wall.
  • A bell spot footing, a round spot footing with a round column, a round spot footing with a rectangular column, a rectangular spot footing with a round column, a rectangular spot footing with a rectangular column, a sloped spot footing with a rectangular column, a stepped spot footing (with 1 or 2 steps) with a rectangular column.
  • Rectangular corbel - horizontal stirrups, a rectangular corbel - vertical stirrups, an undercut corbel - one side of the column, an undercut bracket - on both sides of the column.
  • A rectangular strip footing with wall, a sloped strip footing with a wall, a strip footing with a foundation wall.


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